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Thread: Pictures after Sunday's Gold

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    It's stuff like this that make me wonder why I even bring a camera. Outstanding work!

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    The pictures were taken from the fenceline just down from the high G ridge. Out on Lemmon dr off of Red Rock. It's not quite like shooting from the pylons, I'm sure, but it's a nice spot. The lens was a 300mm zoom. They're cropped various amounts, the most being the one of Strega with the bear in hot pursuit.

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    So there were no cops at Red Rock and Lemmon Drive? For years there were always either Sheriff Deputies or Rent a Cops there, because of an increasing problem with Lookiloos and drunk spectators all over the back of the course.

    Thanks for the information, and nice work on the photos!


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    Absolutely great stuff. I'm always impressed with how well Dreadnought photographs, given such a simple and straightforward paint scheme. The extra nose length for the 4360, wide-chord prop blades, and the 2-seat canopy make it a standout.

    Also I'm always impressed with the amount of heat shimmer you get behind the racers- a LOT of heat going out the back of them, even the V12s. When you imagine how much air instantly dilutes the cooling air (radiator or cowl) and exhaust gasses, its even more amazing how hot that rejected is.

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