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Thread: Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

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    NASCAR is a tough animal which takes years to master. I think Tiger could speak to Mario and see what opportunities are out there for Steve. Mario is an aviation enthusiast and I believe a certified pilot. Mario always compares open wheel racers to fighter jets. NASCAR to cargo planes! Lol. Steve's best bet would be to get his feet wet in GT racing and then evaluate his options.

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    Considering Tiger's ties to Jack Roush, that would be the best NAPCAR entry point for Steven. I hope he goes with an open wheel series though. He seems to have a love for that type of racing and is well versed in the history of F1 and Indy Car. I think one of the jet guys is involved in the Star Mazda series. Maybe he could get a foot in there. It's a great starting point for an open wheel career.
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