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Thread: Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

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    Default Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

    Saw Steve Hinton Jr. interviewed by Dave Despain on ESPN's Windtunnel program from last Sunday night...

    Very nice interview!

    What a Smile that kid has!

    Steven was very well spoken for himself, said all the right things, I'm sure made his dad very proud...The kid looked and sounded great.

    And he commented that he would like to try Nascar or something...suggesting if anybody had a door "IN", he would be interested....

    I tell you, if that "kid" can manage Strega around Reno...... and gets into Nascar, .....those Nascar boys better Watch Out! ...Move over Danica!

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    Default Re: Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

    Thanks for the heads up...
    Found a link:

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    Default Re: Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

    ... Good Stuff ... nice exposure.

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    Default Re: Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

    Pure class! Just like his dad, classy guy and one hellava pilot.

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    Great opportunity for Steve and the NCAR, and Stevo knocks it out of the park! Kudos to him and Dave Despain.

    Something I realized while watching: back in WWII, a P-51 pilot at Steves age, would likely have been referred to by his fellow pilots as "The Old Man".

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    Default Re: Steven Hinton's WindTunnel interview

    Solid piece! Steve did a great job representing himself and the sport. Despain gets credit too for great questions and video. Did you catch the mention of Sena and Prost? Two former great F1 drivers. At the end Steve gets in a request for an open wheel ride, not a NASCAR ride! Shows he's a student of 4 wheel racing too!

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