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John would be the better one to respond to this but I truly feel that Lyle was, indeed, fearless... at least when it came to racing the Bear. I'm pretty sure that even if there was some "fear" in Lyle when he raced, his extreme competitive nature pushed that emotion so far back into his being that you could, truly, call him a fearless racer. Skip Holm, Tiger D, and now "the kid", might well have that same nature. In Stephen's case, I think exposure to flight from just after conception and pure genetics, make him such a natural aviator, there is probably little about the process that actually induces "fear" for him..

Back on topic with this slightly branch of the original topic .. John, would you agree about Lyle? Some things might well have scared him but I'd bet flying the Bear on a race course wasn't one of them.
Lyle had a healthy respect for the fact that the Bearcat could kill him. BUT he did not fear it. The only time in all the years I ever saw him even crack a little bit was when he pulled out of a Saturday heat race after the flame panel ripped loose (bolts had been left out, then exhaust and airflow from the cowling exit put exhaust straight into the accessorie section.) Lyle called a Mayday, gained altitude, lined up to get her down rolled out shut down. All while the exhaust was still blasting heat at the firewall. During the debrief in the pit transport after a slug of Gatoraid he just calmly looked at the crew and said, "man for about fifteen seconds I thought I was going to have to jump out of that thing. Nope I'd say no fear from Lyle, but then again how many other Gold race pilots have you ever seen takinv a nap under the wing before Sundays Gold using the parachute for pillow? The man was a monster of a competitor. The, likes of which may never come this way again end of story..Like I have said before many times, Lyle, Tiger, Skip, Darryl, and Bob Love. That is my all time top 5. With Stevo getting thrown into that mix as well.