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Thread: Unlimited heat 2A

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    It's been home for days, now. A safe flight back
    "America is all about, nasty, bada** speed."
    -Eleanor Roosevelt-

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    Quote Originally Posted by 440_Magnum View Post

    If I haven't said it already, what PM did this year just about blew my remaining hair off my head. Simply an amazing gain in performance... and by all appearances reliability and safety too (AWOL gear doors notwithstanding...). It didn't seem like the big Griffon so much as coughed all week.

    By the way, how long does it look like fixing the door is going to keep her in Stead? I assume the plan is to fly her back home after the repair, no indignity of riding on a truck....
    Already home in Florida! Getting new door took longer than fitting and installing it. No issues whatsoever on the flight home either.

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