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Christmas and our soldiers

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  • Christmas and our soldiers

    Hi guys,

    Over the past several years, this time of year gets me tied in a knot in some way, shape, or from. I can't explain it. My parents are alive, my family is well, and I have a better life than I could ever hope for. I have the best friends anybody could ask for. I've gotten to race at Reno...

    This year, I want to turn whatever this is into something that is a tangible and positive effort to do something GOOD. Our country has over 300,000 troops stationed overseas - many in direct combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I want to ask you to join me in action; either personally or indirectly. Send me something our troops need or would enjoy. At the very least, let others know that I will collect, box, and send our soldiers any goods that I/we can collect over the next few weeks. Maybe it won't be before Christmas... But I will volunteer myself as a collection point for items that will benefit our soldiers overseas. On or around Christmas, I will box everything I get and send it to our troops. I'm leaning towards units in Afghanistan since they're in more direct combat operations.

    These are our people - our kids - our men and women - our TRIBE.

    If you would like to buy something and get it to me, I'll collect all the items, box them, and ship them on my dime to our young men and women overseas. I'm not sure if cash is a good idea, but if any is sent, it will be packaged discretely and sent to them. Period.

    Some suggestions:

    5.56 Magpul P-mag magazines, MagPul Vertical/Angled Foregrips, 5.56 magazine loaders, UpLula Universal Magazine loaders, baby wipes, ear plugs, magazines (Maxim, gun magazines, gilrly stuff... use your imagination!), personal letters to them, Christmas cards, lip balm, sunscreen, CDs, calendars, DVDs, 5.11 socks/knee pads/shirts, AR-15 parts kits, gun cleaning kits, personal-sized toiletries, soaps, etc...

    A lot of you guys might have better ideas than I do... List them! Whatever can make their lives a little easier... Whatever will let them know we're behind them... It's all good by me...

    My address is:

    Scott Germain
    4544 E. Wildwood Dr
    Phoenix, Az 85048

    Thanks for your consideration. have a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

    Scotty G
    Scotty G