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Redline XAR2 and Win 7 64-bit

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  • Redline XAR2 and Win 7 64-bit

    It has been awhile since anyone has posted here! I have had the same PC for over 5 years now with the only upgrades being my video card and my operating system. Current specs are:
    AMD Athlon 64 3800+ single core (2.4 GHz)
    2GB of PC3200 DDR RAM
    ATi HD 4890 1GB GPU
    Win 7 Home 64-bit

    Redline XAR 2 installs and runs just fine without any compatibility options being set, but the driver version is very important. ATi "improved" their OpenGL implementation in Catalyst 10.5 and later which causes Redline to crash. With Catalyst 10.4 it runs flawlessly.

    I have looked around the internet a bit and can see that there is no support for XAR anywhere. Redline can be found used for $60 when it should be about $5 or $10 new in a bargain bin or for download if anyone was still selling it. While the graphics definitely look dated, this is still a great game. I guess with FSX implementing air racing, there is just no call for this sim any more. FSX may have better graphics, but in just about all other ways, this is by far the best air racing sim. Oh well!

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    Re: Redline XAR2 and Win 7 64-bit

    Discovered that I can run Redline using a CD copied from the original. Perfect! Now I can survive a scratched disk and also let my 4 year old son fly with me without having to buy a $60 used copy.


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      Re: Redline XAR2 and Win 7 64-bit

      I have finally figured out how to run the latest AMD/ATi graphics drivers (currently Catalyst 11.2) and still run Redline. Somewhere on the web, the suggestion was made to make a copy of the atioglxx.dll file found in the Windows/SysWOW64 folder of the worker drivers and install it in the REDLINE folder (or any other program needing this old OpenGL driver) before installing the latest drivers. It certainly did the trick for me