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    The woman I married in 2016 was formerly married to Tom Winter who was quite active in Air Racing and has a number of prints of aircraft/air races (some of which was signed by pilots and/or the artists) and other memorabilia (for example, we have a die-cast model of "Miss America" (about 12-14 inches long).

    Perhaps some of you remember Tom (who passed away in April 2011) and are familiar with his merchandise. My wife inherited his inventory but thus far has not been able to do anything with it--which is why I am posting this note. This merchandise is taking up a lot of space in our family room and garage and we really need to "move it."

    I will see if I can post pictures (or at least describe) of some of those prints, but we would prefer to sell the whole business. We currently live in Lancaster, CA, not far from Edwards AFB and Fox Field which has had air shows in the past but which won't be having one until March 2020 (so we won't be able to sell merchandise there until then).

    Being new to the site, I don't know if I can or should post my phone number, but because of the concerns of spam (that I read about), I will not do so at this time but will look for responses here. Thank you for your consideration.