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  • OT: Nikon Service Center

    Since we have some real photo guys on the board, I thought I'd ask here... do any of you have a recommended service center for Nikon DSLR equipment? My D1 is having an "Err" (error) and won't function, so I want to send it for service. I found this place online:
    but wanted to ask for advice here before I do anything. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: OT: Nikon Service Center

    I bought my daughter a new D70s for X-mas last year, and it had the same message. There was a Nikon service center in Denver, about 60 miles south of where I live. They totally sucked. The only number listed was a recording that told you you had to send the camera in and they would contact you. No other number published or available.
    I ended up sending mine to Nikon USA, I believe in California. I just went to the website and found the address. I caleld and they were very helpful and I had the camera back within 10 days of sending it in. Mine was under warranty, but I don' think that should affect the turn around time. As I remember, they said repairs usually take no more than 2 weeks. Hope this helps some.


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      Re: OT: Nikon Service Center

      i learned something last week i was using my F 100 yes i still have film well i got a err on my camera the batteries needed to be change shawn