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  • Draw a Reno Racer Contest

    I put this on my Flying Brix page, and figured I would share here as well. I know some people here do not use Facebook. I can work around that for entering any designs from folks here. I can't vote for you, though so for that you'll have to get in touch with any friends or relatives that do.

    We’ve all seen pictures and discussions of “what if” racers. Take a big engine and stick it on a small airframe, clip the wings, and add a tiny canopy. How fast would it go? Would it even fly?

    To answer those questions, I present the 2019 Annual Draw a Reno Racer contest. The concept is simple. Draw a scaled 3-view of your “what if” racer (ie hand drawing, CAD model, plastic model, etc.) and plug the dimensions into a spreadsheet.

    If you are looking for a simple aircraft design reference I encourage you to pick up Dan Raymer’s book “Aircraft Design for Homebuilders”. It’s written in plain english and you can read it cover to cover like a regular book and it comes with a design spreadsheet that you can use while working on your designs.

    Rules and how to enter:
    1. Must qualify for the Unlimited class as written in the 2018 rules, on RARA’s website

    2. No flying wings (I haven’t figured out the math for it. Maybe next year)

    3. Engines: For simplicity this go-around I’m saying you must use existing engines, and I’m also assuming 1cu-in = 1hp.

    4. Upload the 3-view of your entry to the 2018 Contest Entries Facebook Album. In your caption, include the following parameters:
    -Engine type and displacement
    -Airfoil and max CL (optional. If not provided will default to F8F airfoil, NACA 23018)
    -Top speed
    -Average lap speed

    5. I trust everyone to honestly enter their own designs into the spreadsheet (Note that I and everyone else will be able to double check your inputs and results). That being said if you have questions or trouble with the spreadsheet then I’ll be more than happy to help.
    Spreadsheet with further instructions is available here.

    6. Deadline to upload your sketches (with all of your parameters filled out) is March 18, 12:01AM

    After all the entries are in, I’ll create a week-long facebook poll for everyone to vote and determine the winners.

    This is mostly about having fun (and killing time until NBC Sports airs the footage from 2018), but prizes make things more fun so up for grabs I have a Rare Bear lego kit (current scheme) and a 3D printed model of your entry (8” wingspan). 1st place will get first pick of the prizes, and 2nd place will receive the remaining prize.

    One final note. The spreadsheet is not great (it's probably not even good). When you find issues the spreadsheet, let me know and we can see about how to incorporate a fix assuming I do this again next year. I did run the numbers for a P-51 and a F7F to sort of "calibrate" the single and twin engines factors. My plan is to revise the calculations year after year as people revise their designs. And maybe one day, a design from this contest will round the pylons in Reno.

    That’s all I can think of, but I’m sure I missed something. Ask questions below and I’ll clear them up as best I can.
    "young" Thomas