View Full Version : OT Update on the 17.5 million dollar.....

04-07-2012, 08:05 AM
:OT-2: ....... trainer with booms for the afghans to take apart and sell for scrap, or for the taliban after we leave and they sack the puppet gov. :P

We are getting screwed again as taxpayers.


04-08-2012, 10:41 AM
Yes, they will end up much like the A-37's we gave to the South Vietnamese for COIN operarations.
Chew on this too, we have now tied both hands behind the backs of our soldiers:
I guess Washington and the Pentagon have never heard of the expression.....lose the battle, win the war.
Along with your stated points, you can also forget about any chance of Brasil buying the F-18 Super Hornet off of Boeing because of this fiasco.
The French Rafale is the leading aircraft in the competition but Brasil is still on the fence regarding a contract.
Btw, Brasilians are "Americans" too !:thumbsup:
Onto a better subject, check out the Pacific Coast Dream machines coming at the end of the month......great show and Eddie Andreini should be bringing out his restored P-51, many P-51's invited !