View Full Version : Where is Sun 'N Fun...?

Scotty G
04-13-2002, 10:36 AM

How do ya spell Florida...? LOL Very cool photos!!!

Scotty G

04-13-2002, 05:45 PM
Originally posted by Scotty G
How do ya spell Florida...? LOL Very cool photos!!!
Ahh.. before or after I open my eyes???? :p

Waaaaaaa!!! That's funny! Thyayat's the feerst tyme I looked at thayt! Goes to show ya what doin the work on two hours of sleep'll do to ya!

We're sort of screwed tonight for sleep too due to an ealry flight out. No sense trying to sleep for a few hours and then wind up down at Orlando late for the flight.. soooo...

It's an allnighter and then leave for ORD (or whatever they call it) at about 2:00 or so drop the rental and then sit in the terminal for a few hours..

There were a couple of planes at the show that just a little a little bit of convincing, a few million and a few hundred hours and I'd be goin home in style.. <sigh> for now, condemned to being a lowly pax....

Some neat "stuff" there... !!