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02-19-2009, 04:17 AM
Was held recently at the Wigram airfield in Christchurch NZ before it is turned into a housing development.
The land it occupies was designated in the early part of last century to be an airfield, and in the 1920's the NZ permanent Airforce established a base on the site, and the base and airfield was named for Sir Henry Wigram.
During the 2nd World War RNZAF Wigram served as the major south Island advanced training base with T-6's the main aircraft serving the field. along with other twin engined aircraft.
After the war, the RNZAF based most training at the airfield with the Central Flying school, and also as home in the late 40's early 50's with number 3 squadron Territorial Airforce flying T-6's and P-51's.
The Airfield was the home of the Central Flying school until the airforce closed the base in 1995, and civil aviation became prevalent. The Royal New Zealand Airforce Museum is located at the old base, along with the hangars and control tower are listed as historical buildings and these will survive as will 37 hectares of land owned by the RNZAF.
As a note, the T-6 NZ1045 is still on charge with the RNZAF as part of the Historic flight. The Bell 47's are still active in the lead in Rotary wing training aircraft, although they are due to be replaced late in 2009 early 2010 with August 109 Koala's
http://hotimg25.fotki.com/a/118_90/30_60/IMG_4018.jpg (http://hotimg25.fotki.com/p/a/118_90/30_60/IMG_4018.jpg)
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