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09-18-2002, 11:03 AM
I compiled, before Reno this year, a two-page chart of every Sport Class Racer entered since 1998 and its qualifying and best racing results from each year. The initial two page chart may have to expand to four pages on the Excel spreadsheet as the 2002 column now goes past the borders.

I have a few blank columns identifying some of the racers. Specifically needed are some of the aircraft registration and serial numbers and some of their names. I realize many race planes never receive a formal name, or at least have one painted on, or noted in the entry paperwork or program. Therefore those columns may end up with a blank on occasion. The list is 51 entries long (duplicating the same airplane in three cases, however, when a different pilot flew it). Here is the data I still need:]

Aircraft Registration N# needed for the following Sport Class aircraft:

A) Tommy Rose’s #3 Glasair 1 TD in 1998.
B) Tom Hahn’s #15 Questair Venture “Lady in Red” in 1999.

C) Lee Behel’s #21 Lancair 360 in 1998.
D) Kevin Eldredge’s #42 RV-3 in 2002.

Aircraft name (if any) needed for the following Sport Class aircraft:

1) Greg McKenzie’s #2 Lancair IV, N2ZM, in 1998-99
2) Tommy Rose’s #3 Glasair 1 TD in 1998.
3) Dave Morss’ #4 Lancair 360, N499DM in 1998
4) William Billups’ #4 Glasair III, N189WR, 1999-2002
5) Lee Behel’s #21 Lancair 360 in 1998.
6) Darryl Greenamyer’s #33 Lancair Legacy, N33XP, in 2001-2.

7) Dave Ronneberg’s #51 Berkut, N515DR, in 1999.

I am not positive about the N# of the #13 Berkut Vicki Cruse entered in 2001 but I think it was N313VR, serial number unknown.

Any help filling in the blanks would be most appreciated.

Lowell Thompson

09-19-2002, 08:52 AM
the plane you refer to as a lancair 360 499dm is my personal plane a lancair 320. I use it for pilot quals and its name is glass slipper. However in sport class race 4 was the factory 360 and had no name at race time

09-19-2002, 10:39 AM
Thanks Dave for the correction. I have been digging but cannot find the registration of the factory Lancair 360 in 1998. Do you recall?