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09-13-2002, 08:29 AM
Hi Wayne & G.G.,
I don't know how often you get back to your terminal at A.A.R. in the course of these busy race days but I am wondering if some quick "teaser" headlines from you could help keep us "2002 stay-at-homers" on the edge of our seats through the day something like:

"Unofficial: G. Hubler wins Formula Heat 1A" or "Hughes Racer looked great and all systems go in Record attempt, stay tuned ..." or "J. Parker wins his first race in Thunder Mustang after penalties to D.G. handed down...more later", or "Buccarelli wins his Heat race with increased speed seen...details at Seven" (this last example is my prophecy for the day).

These short type of blips would sure help us guys who keep wondering all day when we will hear something. Could it work? Not too many are needed, just enough to keep us somewhat in the know.

Thanks for any consideration and keep up the good work!

Lowell Thompson

09-13-2002, 08:45 AM
I second that idea. After yesterdays no show report until way late. I was starting to think some thing was wrong. Then that awfull post came in about a mid air. I got to thinking that it might be true, because of the days inactivity.

I know it is hard for you guys. being there way late at night getting pics and interviews. Then having to go and have dinner with the teams. after a few drinks and more interviews you finaly get back the a computer and the last thing you want to do is sit there for 3 or 4 hrs and answer every ones questions.

If you can give us some little snipits with a pic or two throught the day that would be great.

Rudy Siegel
09-13-2002, 10:16 AM
The answer is a wireless PDA! GWTP

09-13-2002, 06:54 PM
Originally posted by Rudy Siegel
The answer is a wireless PDA! GWTP More staff.. We are strictly a volunteer operation. We've no funding to pay a dedicated person to sit at the terminal during the race day.

Griffon Girl is here working for the Klamath Falls Herald And News and in her spare time, she does a bang up job of getting what she can up on the site.

I'm here working for two different factions that will actually pay me money to be here.. I also do what I can in my spare time.

There are cross duties, which is, getting all the photos that we can during the day, these are available to the people we are working for as well as this website.

We also gather a lot of news, some of it reportable, some of it not so. We put up what we can, when we can.

Even if we had a wireless PDA, it would be next to impossible to get it to work out here at Stead (very poor and saturated cells here) and we could then sit out at the pylons and watch the airplanes go by while we typed information into a PDA while the airplanes did not get photographed instead of sitting in the hangar doing the same only just hearing the planes and not seeing them...

There is, a donation link on the potw page, not one single soul has contributed a dime to the effort here.. that leaves us only able to do anything at Stead if we are funded by *someone*

This year, it happens to not be done by sponsors who put logos up and pay us to do that..

Wayne Sagar

09-13-2002, 10:26 PM
There is, a donation link on the potw page

Shameless self promotion is required here Wayne. Don't hide your contrubution link--make it visible, not buried. Just my $.02


09-13-2002, 10:38 PM
Originally posted by Kraz

Shameless self promotion is required here Wayne. Don't hide your contrubution link--make it visible, not buried. Just my $.02

K~ LOL... I'd do that.. if I ever had the time to even put up a POTW... ahh.. like maybe once a month..

The entire site will be getting a rebuild this winter... both to take care of the "sprawl" that has happened over the years since '97 as we just kept putting more and more stuff in, and, as we've discussed here in the hangar.. to make room for MORE SPONSOR LINKS... sorry guys.. it's add more buttons or... go out of business.

I used to be able to fund this site out of my pocket.. I'm doing this full time now (for last two and a half years) and I simply do not have the personal wealth to do it at this level without outside funding of some sort..

One of those new buttons will be a "contribute to this site" link of some sort..

Air Classics will cost ya a few bucks a year, same with Flight Journal, AOPA Pilot and most other "ink and paper" pubs..

We don't charge anyone a dime to get here.. and we very likely would never make it manditory.. but..

If those who visit this site regularly did decide to drop a few bucks into the kitty, it would lighten the burdon immensely.

A quick "for example".. the Grass Valley air to air sessions.. Mr Mark S. Daniels paid something in the neighborhood of $1000. so that we could have an airplane to shoot from.

Out of his pocket so that we could have the opportunities that we did have.. and you had to see what we saw during those sessions..

A fiver or a ten spot in the bucket from several hundred people (currently this site gets nearly 750,000 "unique" visits annually, viewing several million page views) it would ensure that we could continue to do what we are doing and, perhaps, even more..

Like hire that "grunt" "code monkey" to add the info that we phone in from the pits and race course..

Sounds just like racin don't it...