View Full Version : Strega and Furias Updates

09-10-2002, 02:32 PM
I really hate to report this but it looks like Race #7 is out of the race. Just as Bill "Tiger" Destefanni finished his qualifying run at an official speed of 487.798, the plane, Strega, had a fuel induction backfire that blew out a good portion of the bottom of the engine. Since Team Strega doesn't have a spare or ferry engine, it looks like they are out of the game at this writing.

But this is Reno and if a spare engine magically appears (wouldn't be the first time) then there still might be hope!

Team Furias has finally achieved the "Green" Seal of Appoval. They've managed to replace a problem cylindar and have cut down the amount of smoke and oil leakage to an environmently friendly amount. Which obviously makes any planes/pilots following Race #15 Furias very, very happy!