View Full Version : Rare Bear Engine Runs?!?

09-04-2002, 12:50 PM
Don't wanna get anyone's hope up too high, but.... DaBear is on his way out to Stead as of this writing and the wordup is.... The bear is waking from her long sleep and will run today for the first time in.. how many years??

I'd guess, knowing how those bears are.. she's gonna be really hungry after all that sleep time!

*IF* all goes as planned and they do run her today, we should have a photo report up later this evening..

We're solidly placed with our backs against the wall here and down in Reno, Bear is swamped with all that's going on there, and I'm swamped with all that I have to do here before getting my butt down to Reno on Friday..

So we'll do the best we can between then and now to keep y'all updated on whassup down Reno way and .... Can you say..

Viva Las Vegas!!! I'm pumped about a second chance to see the racers in a two month period! We don't have all the details yet but the Nellis show is shaping up to be a real barn burner of a show this year with 5 or 6 UL's already committed to show (if they are still running!!) and at this point, it looks like there may be more as well as the Wright Machine Tool Hughes Replica as well..

We're pounding the pavement gettin all the info possible.. watch here or on the main page for details as they become available or.. http://nellisairshow.com

Update... latest word, engine will run MAYBE today, if so, later this afternoon...

Stay Tuned!


09-05-2002, 10:05 AM
Well, what happened.

Did the Bear run or not?