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09-01-2002, 03:40 PM
FORMULA I RACE PLANE BANKRUPTCY SALE!! .. SIDE VIEW .. FRONT VIEW .. SIDE VIEW .. This is a Formula I race plane that was designed to race with and beat the at time champion Nemesis. It has less drag, and more thrust than the record holding Nemesis. The engine is housed in the wing root while maintaining perfectly smooth lines. A driveshaft caries power rearward and an overdesigned Gates Kevlar belt turns the prop atop the vert. tail. A slight prop-speed-reduction delays overspeeding tips, allowing better prop eficiency. So does rear mounted loction. The canard is a boon around pylons, because it creates aditional lift, instead of neagative lift as conventional elevators do. Result; faster turn rate plus less airspeed loss. The drag (what drag?) is at new low, because this aircraft has the large Cessna 150 tires poking out from the belly (no landing gear legs). Do you think that might cut drag a little? Also the nose is laminar, well into the mid fuselage area. Now, is this possible with a nose cowl and engine hanging on the nose, like all the other racers? I don't think so. Have to sell it but only to someone with composite experience. Serious phone calls only. Wish I could complete it and collect the winner's portion of the $70,000 purse at Reno, but have to clear space collect money, and pay some bills. Have the engine too with new pistons, valves bearings and other stuff. I'll answer all questions from serious parties. Needs; canopy latches, engine assembled and installed, micro-epoxy finish on wings and some other areas. If you have the skills in test flying, and taking care off mechanical drives, and belt drives, this may be for you. I'll sell it all for $6,000, and give you tech support afterwards. Contact Howard Sheen located Las Vegas NV USA. Telephone: 702 876-8858. -- Posted 31 August 2002 -- Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser -- To send this Ad to a friend: Click here.

09-03-2002, 12:57 AM
WOW! sounds easy huh! hahahaha See ya next week Tom! All the best....Randy