View Full Version : Thank you JW / AAFO

08-26-2002, 06:31 AM
Thanks go out to Jim Wright and AAFO for allowing us to capture in our hearts and minds the beauty that is the Hughes Racer.

I have seen photos of the original racer and they never did anything for me. Old black and white photos, usually of odd angles, never flattering or breath-taking like those shown here on AAFO. You have really payed tribute to the original design and the great effort needed to recreate it. For this I thank you.

I hope someday to see it in person.


08-26-2002, 11:58 AM
Thank you Glenn, the airplane is, shall we say, extremely photogenic!

I've received several very nice compliments on the air to air session and I greatly appreciate them, while in the back of my head rings one of my mentor's (Sue Petersen) words.. when I lauded her generously with praise on her many breathtaking air to air photos.. "90% of air to air is being there"...

So, I must remain modest and give the credit where it is due.. One, the airplane, beautiful at any angle, two, the weather gods, they smiled on us and that was the first sunny morning in Cottage Grove in days, three and four, and certainly not in that order, would be Jim Wright's flying in the Hughes and Ron Englund flying the "nanza" photo plane.. both were smooth as silk and did exactly as asked.. You could not ask for better people to have that airplane in their hands..

It is simply amazing, they not only are going to show it to the world, they built it from the ground up.. from taking the measurements of the original and transferring that into a set of plans to bending and welding and riveting and forming and assembling of each and every part of that airplane..

An amazing project, an amazing airplane and an amazing group of people..

Not only did they create this beauty, they are still "real" not one ounce of ego down there folks.. this is an amazingly nice group of people.

When you meet them at Vegas and Reno, please let them know how much we all appreciate the chance to see this airplane in the air once again!!