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Bill Marsh
10-02-2006, 04:24 PM
Hey Shadow..... as per my post below. I will eat my words (or bvd's)
If you can justify to me the following.

#1 The auto conversion guys origional business model (odena, el al) was to offer a cost effective alternative motive power to supplant the OEM large CID flat ga piston motors and or turbine power plants at a co$t, performance (tbo)and reliablity that makes the whole thing worth it , from the cert. problems with the faa to the a/c resale thing. Have they?

#2 Ask the man who owns one...... "would he, (the conversion buyer) do it again?"

#3 Can EPI say "yes" to any one of my questions in #1 ?

Boils down to present v8 technology translating to racing costs.....

What is turnkey purchase costs.

A) of falconer v12*, ?

B) the race lycs (thunderbolt?), flat 6 or 8's ?

C) appropriate EPI products ?

Thank you, Shadow

* the v12 is a deravation of a rat + 4 cylinders understood

Originally Posted by Bill Marsh
The auto v8 myth never dies.... GREAT energy and INTEREST tho !!!!!

I know its old info, but the basic problem still is the same, it Odena couldnt make it happen with a rat / chev / gm starting point..... finally making everything from scratch and with lots of willing buck$$$ (to a point where investors bailed? (i guess))

Sooo, How can a handfull of Sport racers manage to do better..... and where will the money come from.

Seems the ga powerplants will do fine ..... going way past the 400 mark.



10-03-2006, 06:47 AM
I will do my best!


You can honestly say that you've been to the website to try and find the information yourself.

Bill Marsh
10-03-2006, 09:42 AM
Guess i missed getting my point across......

What i am trying to say is if the auto deriaved v8 is being accepted by the buying public (or not).... i havent a clue. Im not in that part of the aviation scene.... having a spare King Air around to play with would be nice!!

The link i am trying to make is..... using thisOEM manufacturer as a parallel to the race community (sport) ..... acceptance is the real acid test for the future, meaning another motor option.

Any EPI activity with the sport sector happening?


Blue Foam
10-03-2006, 02:26 PM
Just a little note from the engine books: all other features being properly designed, the life limit typically ends up being mean piston speed and acceleration. So RPM is only a relevant measure when comparing comparable strokes and rod lengths. A 1" stroke engine running at 10,000 RPM actually has less piston and ring wear per hour than a Lycoming or Continental running 2500. The shorter stroke Falconer would run quite a bit more RPM than the Continental before running into the same piston and ring stress.

Valve stress is also based on mass and spring rates. A small (light) valve engine with low spring rates can sustain far higher RPM for a given amount of wear than a large (heavy) valve engine with high spring rates. Boosted engine endure more vavle stress since the intake springs have to hold the valve shut against boost pressure before crossover.

Thermodynamics of cooling individual components are often overlooked. Regardless of the amount of cooling, coatings, etc., the ability to maintain uniform temperatures throughout the engine nets lower stresses due to thermal distortion. A good example where current unlimited engines are limited here is the "choking" of cylinder bores to compensate for non-uniform running temperatures along the bore axis. In theory, the bore straightens out at one operating temeprature and power level. It would be better to simply cool the cylinder correctly and isothermally so there is no distortion at any load.

10-05-2006, 11:05 AM
Guess i missed getting my point across......

What i am trying to say is if the auto deriaved v8 is being accepted by the buying public (or not).... i havent a clue.

Sigh, if you are curious about EPI - why not go to their website?