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08-14-2002, 03:13 PM
As you can probably tell by the amount of "official" updates lately on the site, (or lack of) we've been busy with a few pretty important "other projects" but we've not forgotten that you'e out there and itching for news..

A bit later today, as soon as we can get it all processed and ready for upload and display, we're going to have a very interesting view of something pretty special by someone very special to air racing.

Stand by and check back a bit later..

Wayne and the crew..

PS.. we've finally gotten our Reno plans finalized and we will be there in full force as in the recent years past. Part of our recent delays in scheduled site updates have involved obtaining the necessary funding to bring our now somewhat large operation to Reno. We have not really found any significant "nestegg" but we've managed to scrape the jar pretty well and we will be there at full power!

More later..

08-14-2002, 11:23 PM
I'll tell ya what.. I'm getting pumped about seeing this airplane at Reno! This is a replica that even Jim Moss who built the beautiful "Super Solution" ohhh'd and ahh'd about when I talked with him at Oshkosh.

I don't think a replica has caused such a stirr since Delmar recreated the Gee Bee and frankly, this one is a much more impresive airplane..

Sad that the timing is such, with Delmar retired, we will not be able to see them both in the air at the same time and place..

But.. fellow race fanatics.. we're gonna get to see history remade at Reno this coming Race Friday and that is gonna be something very very special!!

And speaking of special.. a VERY special thanks to Jimmy Leeward for sending us this account of his time there helping Jim do the shakedowns.. and from me, special thanks to DaBear for helping me get this thing stroked and polished in time to get it up this evening as early as we were able to!!

It ain't quite Reno yet but we're in the push and I'm jazzed like no year in recent memory... !!!!