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08-11-2002, 07:09 AM
I was at an airshow yesterday. The Thunderbirds stopped in the middle of their performance because one of the aircraft (thunderbird 6) developed a "technical difficulty". He landed okay (escorted by the other solo) and swapped planes and took off again to rejoin the team. (This took 20 minutes during which they played this annoying John Tesh-like music over and over and over and.... )

To their credit, the team picked up the show where it left off, and even though a couple of the passes were a bit ragged, they got back in the groove. Their signature high bomb burst was perfect as near as I could tell... They were in the air 55 minutes.

Three warbirds got to showcase their abilities - a Centaurus powered SeaFury (Ellsworth Getchell), a F2G-1 Corsair (with a smoke system) flown by Chris Avery, and Gen. Bill Anders with his P-51 Val Halla.... It has been awhile since I have heard a Centaurus...a distinctively different sound....

Late breaking news (well, late for me - I just found this)....da Bear has a pic of the Sea Fury at


08-12-2002, 09:02 AM
Check out the latest issue of Warbirds International for a feature on Getch. He's an ineresting man and has MANY stories to tell!