View Full Version : Oshkosh 2002 Pics now up

T. Adams
08-03-2002, 06:05 PM
Check out this picture and others from this years Oshkosh Fly-In.
Unfortunately in every shot the famous Wisconsin grey sky appears. The weather on Saturday was terrible.

All of the long shots were taken with a Canon L series zoom. It continues to amaze me how sharp "L" glass is. I have only had the lense a few months, and while exspensive it was worth it. My cheap flatbed scanner does not do the photos justice.

Finally, I'm looking forward to Reno and some BLUE SKY!!!:D

Here is the link,

T. Adams
08-05-2002, 09:09 AM
Any suggestions or comments from the AAFO professional photographers out there.:)

T. Adams
08-05-2002, 10:44 AM
I know the weather sucked. That is why I'm looking forward to Reno. I was there in 2000, but not with the lenses I have now.

At Oshkosh I was using all Canon stuff. The close ups are with a 28-105mm, all the long stuff was with either my 70-200 f/4 L, or my 300mm f/4L, on a lot of the shots the 1.4 extender was also used. I was not in front on the flight line but just behind the front row. I will have the 2.0X with me at Reno also.

The camera is a Elan IIe, and I was using 100 speed Kodak Royal Gold.

The scanner is a Umax 3400 flatbed, and unsharp mask was used after scanning in Photoshop 6.

As far as attacking Reno I just get as close as I can in the pits, as they fly by, and warmup. I also try to shoot some from the stands. I will have a Bogen monopod with me so I won't struggle so much to hold the camera still with the long lenses, plus extenders on.