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Keith Doyne
08-01-2002, 03:48 AM
I was just at the Unlimited Air Racing Website, it stated this is the last year for racing Risky Business. I hope the same is not true for Bad Attitude.

Keith Doyne

08-01-2002, 09:34 PM
Yes its true! According to the owner he is fed up with all the expense and very little enjoyment. It seems that the well has finally run dry on another race team. The Mustang is sceduled to be completely overhauled and returned to stock configuration. The Sea Fury will only be operated as weekend enjoyment and crosscountry transportation. Can't say that Bill hasen't had a long and successful run at Big time unlimited air racing. The aircraft are being moved to Idaho to his new facility where they will only pulled out and flown for pleasure.

08-03-2002, 10:08 AM
We are not fed up with air racing and the well didnt run dry, and its to bad that others need to respond for those of us that dont wish for that to happen and when they dont know what there talking about. It is simply that there comes a time when you just press on to new and different forms of fun and you pressed you luck as far as is prudent.

08-03-2002, 11:02 PM
It is prudent to stop before the well runs dry. And yes you should stop if you don't wish to spend the money to get the planes in top shape anymore. That in its self can be very dangerous.That's pretty evident when the planes sit all year long not being flown with hair between the claimshell doors and oil spilling onto the hanger floor. Then at the last minute thrash to throw a race engine that has been sitting for a year into the plane just so you can burn it down at Reno. I guess that is prudent too. Or threatning to not go because Rara might not give you all the passes you paid for last year.

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08-04-2002, 10:43 AM
This is Bill Rheinschild the owner of the two airplanes: It gets frustrating listening to people that think they know why owners of the aircraft decide to do what they do, I just wanted to make the point that we are not leaving the sport for any other reason other than I have decided to different things for fun, and part of that is restoring Risky and enjoying the airplanes in a safe place where all there is around the airport to make an emergency landing is corn fields. Reading the responce to a nice questoin from someone seems to like the planes and the people who fly and maintain them seems to be snotty and also that person pretends to have inside information which they dont. RARA and our team have a great relationship and work very well together and we can afford to do as we wish with the airplanes and thats why we bought the hanger where we did. My brother Randy did a nice job putting together the web site, and that was to inform those who are interested in what is going on with these two airplanes, its a courtesy. If people are going to abuse the info we will just shut it all down and do our own thing. If the info is respected then we will have Bar-b-q's at the new hanger and have fly in's and post the invites for all to participate. see ya at the races.

08-04-2002, 01:09 PM
Thanks Bill for coming in and clarifying this. I think I can speak for everyone involved in Air Racing when I say that we both respect your decision and will miss seeing you on the ramp in Septembers to come!

Don't take the "crap" that can get started by annonymous posters seriously! One of the great risks in a message board is to either make them too accessable, ie: as we have it now, anyone can post, or too exclusive, by making it an all registration system where no one can post if they do not provide the owner of the board valid identification.

The latter drastically cuts down on the amount of posts because many people are not fond of giving out information on the net, the former opens you up to sometimes very nasty messages aimed only at cutting or wounding people..

A tough decision whenever setting up a public forum such as this.

Just know that everyone who counts supports you and wishes you well in whatever you decide to do!!

I'm going to close this thread because I do not feel any further value will come from allowing anyone to cause more problems or post "opinions as fact"

Thanks again for visiting Bill and good luck in the restoration! I can't wait to see her when you get done!