View Full Version : Helicopter Page T-shirts?

07-22-2002, 07:29 AM
I have been thinking...(Uh-Oh). In the past I have made up some t-shirts for myself using a printer and iron-on decals, the problem is that they never lasted the first washing. I was thinking that if there was enough interest from my visitors, I could look into seeing how much real t-shirts would cost. It would be a nice way for me to support my site and offer something nice for my visitors.

Right now, I am just asking that you e-mail me with interest in them. If enough people e-mail me who are interested, I will get some made. Send your e-mail to: gsbloom@oklahoma.net with the subject; "Helicopter Page T-shirts".

Remember, if you say you want one, please be ready to buy one if they come available. I only wish to do this if people really want them. The initial investment will be substantial for someone like myself, so I am putting my faith in you. Let me know and thank you for your support!