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07-19-2002, 08:23 AM
This guy Bob works in an office with another man name Bill who is a "Shriner". Bob asks Bill what are "Shriners" and what is it that they do. Bill tells Bob that they help children mostly, and they also like to go out to the "Big Pond". Bob has no idea what the "Big Pond" is so he asks Bill to explain. Bill says, "It is much easier to show you.

Bill takes Bob to the place where the Shriners meet and behind the building is a large body of water. Bill tells Bob that there are dolphins in the pond that will never die. Bob of course says he does not believe it. Bill tells him that the dolphins....since they will never die, do not have to surface so they are never seen by people who do not know that they are there. Bob asks Bill how they can be seen. Bill explains that the only way they could see the dolphins that will never die, was to throw lines with baited hooks in the pond to catch the dolphins.

Bob just had to see these dolphins that Bill told him about, so he got some rope from his truck, tied some fishing hooks on the rope and baited the hooks. He then threw the line in the water.

All of the sudden, the police showed up and arrested Bob. They took him downtown to the police station and booked him on one felony count.

The charge:

Tossing bait lines, with a Shriner, for immortal Porpoise's