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07-08-2002, 10:16 AM

I am new to this message board.
Actually I am impressed at how nice it is.

I have never been exposed to air racing,
or never created the opportunity for myself.
Perhaps after this endeavor I will check it out.
Sounds pretty cool to me!

I have an 83 year old friend named Ben Garland,
who is a race fan. Ben had a stroke about six
months ago and is doing well, but is in a wheelchair

He doesn't have access to a computer. He called
me last week and asked if I could locate his old
friend Sandy Sanders.

Ben told me that he first met Sandy years ago
in Alaska when Ben was a civil engineer and Sandy
was driving a cement truck! I guess that was awhile

Since Ben asked me I did a google search and have
read up on Sandy and the Reno Air races. I feel kinda
dumb because I lived in Tahoe/Kirkwood for three years
and never checked out the races. Now I wish I had.

I emailed back and forth some nice folks connected
with the air races and they did not have contact information.
One of the ladies suggested that I post here.

Well, that is the story, if contacting Sandy is confidential
please send me an email to: pcumming1@yahoo.com

If not I will monitor this thread when I can.

Oh, another part of the story is that it was Ben that
recommended Sandy for the announcing job at the
(once only) San Diego Air/Space show at Brown Field.
That was awhile back, perhaps 1989 or so. It is
too bad they did not continue that air show, I attended
and it was great. I remember a behemoth Russian
cargo plane that was so big it did not look like it
was flying correctly, like an optical illusion, when it
went by. If I remember right they also had the
Concorde here for rides, expensive rides I believe.

Well, that is my air knowledge.

If you can help Ben out I would appreciate it.

Last thing if you contact Sandy about Ben, he lives
in Dulzura, in San Diego County near Tecate, MX.
His number is (619) 461-7728. He is a great friend!

That is all for now,


07-08-2002, 04:56 PM
I have my answer - thank you!