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03-04-2005, 02:46 PM
Well this took me a little longer than I thought but IT WORKS! Here's the gig..

First, special thanks to Cobra cause he did this on his board and I learned about how to do it from him.....

Also... first.. (can you have two "Firsts"? ;)) it will probably be best for all, those with slow modems, as well as the server and everyone trying to download a file... if we all rightclick the link for the movie and then "save target as" or whatever message your browser gives you for saving an attachment, then save it to your local machine for viewing from there. That'll save bandwidth on the server as well as giving you the best performance "bang for buck" on the given movie file...

Now.. (pronounced... nah ;)) ontah the meat of the issuah (how'd I lose a tube and gain an accent? :dunno:) if this all winds up lyke I wanted it.. in order to be able to upload movies you have to be three things... first, of course, a registered user.. second, registered for at least 30 days, third, have posted at least 20 messages.... (please let me know if this works or not for those of you trying to upload)

The reason for the above limits is, to keep someone from coming here, registering, posting a couple messages and then flooding the server with movie files..

Most of you who will want to upload movies will already fit into these restrictions.. (I'll drop the message count if that is an issue, some guys are fine but hardly ever post)

allowed file extensions as of now are..


Allowed upload size.. are you ready for this... 60mb... yep... a big ol' file!

We do have a lot of server space these days but in order to keep this sane we may have to go to deletion of files after a certain time on the board. For now though, let's play with what we're payin for! This also ups the image file storage size for those who fit the criteria mentioned above to "unlimited" .... Please keep all of this within reason and even biggger please.. don't "hotlink" to images off the board on other message boards or websites.. meaning... don't do the <img tag so that images show up on other websites or message boards.. they get to display the image, we have to pay for the bandwitdh.. Put a link to the vid if you like but please, don't hotlink!! (I don't want to have to limit this function via server tweeking)

I'm not sure but the extensions type might be case SenSitIve so, if it does not work as a .MOV or .MPG, try .mov or .mpg...

Let's see if this works...

If it does, it's a little clip from April a few years ago when I did the VERY cold (sub zero) doors off shoot from John Parker's Seneca at Stead.... and one from PRS (same year) of John clipping by Home Pylon (from the pylon)...


ps.. it did work!!
PPS.. If this becomes popular, I'll open up a separate section for movies.. for now, let's leave it in the gallery section.

03-04-2005, 03:59 PM
Wayne, You ROCK!!! Peas

03-04-2005, 04:01 PM
Wayne, You ROCK!!! PeasThanks Peas... I needed a "break" from a really knotty design issue I've been pounding my head against the wall for a month over...

Now I'm seeing spots... lovely spots.. I think I'll make it polka-dot... yea... that's the ticket.. if Seghetti can do it.. why can't I do it!