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01-29-2005, 04:37 PM
Hi Forum

My name is Lars Persson-Tille and I work with the Swedish webshop for
Swedish military and historical aricrafts videos - the "TeamM".

TeamM has during the last 10 years produced around 10 airforce videos
about Swedish military and historical airplanes, and airforce batalions.

The "M" in "TeamM" stands for Bertil Malmström and Kenneth Malmström,
two independent filmmakers in Sweden, both members of the SFF, the
Swedish Aviation Historical Society.

"TeamM" are frequent writers in the SFF membership magazine, where
they do feature stories on flight profiles in the Swedish flight community.

No films in our webshop are produced with economical support from the
flight industry, nor the Swedish Airforce. "TeamM" have received
permission to use video footage from SAAB in Linköping though, and also
archive video footage from Flygvapenmuseum in Linköping.

All other footage has been produced by TeamM.

For the moment we have the following 9 video titles in our webshop:

The JAS39 Gripen on F10
The JA37 Viggen at F4 Frösön
The J35 Draken at F10
The J29F Flying Barrel "Yellow Rudolf flies again!"
The Flight Accademy at F5 Ljungbyhed
The Flight Batallion F10 at Barkåkra
Wings over Ljungbyhed 2001
F10 Barkåkra 1940 - 2002
F5 70 Years Anniversery 1996

We will during 2005 expand with another three titles. One film about the
Swedish JAS39 Gripen Fighter Aircraft, another about Mikael Carlson,
unique and sole owner and pilot of TWO Bleriot XI in flying condition, and
finally a film about the Classical airplane SAAB Safir/SK50.

All our video titles are documentary films, with up to date interviews with
pilots, flight technicians and other personell working with the aricrafts.

All our videos have so far been produced in the Swedish language. But
during 2005 we will produce at least 4 of our titles into the English
language. The English production will include the following titles:

The JAS39 Gripen at F10
The J35 Draken at F10
Mikael Carlson and his Two Bleriot XI
The SAAB Safir/SK50

Our aim with this mail is of course to draw your attention to "TeamM:s"
webshop, which has only been active about a year now.
So far we have only distributed our videos to Swedish flight enthusiasts.
But our aim though is to expand our video sales to flight enthusiasts
outside of Sweden.

Please, visit our webshop at: http://www.teamm.se
There you can read more about our films.

You can also visite the Bleriot official site at http://www.bleriot.org and
click on a link to our website.

Kind regards.
/Lars Persson-Tille