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07-01-2002, 11:52 AM
A few from the "peanut gallery"..

I've been sort of quiet throughout the duration of PRS, partly due to the copious quantities of beer needed to fight off the heat :D .. the other reason/excuse, Bear has a new DSL and can upload about 20:1 my speed...


Fly home for a few days of R&R between shows to my T-1 connection and beat the man to death with bandwidth!!

Not really....

I will put up a few images now though and more later once we all get back on our feet from last week and the upcoming Grass Valley week!

Here's a picture of Ron in Precious Metal on the back side of the Course shot on Saturday... (copyright date is wrong.. oops!) This is about as close to a really good shot as I ever get...

07-01-2002, 11:55 AM
I'd have to say that seeing The "Tige" sittin on the ramp at Stead was about as big a surprise as I've ever had.

I gotta tell ya, I love this guy and getting to see him there at Reno with the other pilots, while he shared his years of experience made my heart warm and raised hope that even if Tiger does retire this year, he'll always be around to share not only his talents as a race pilot, his totally unique wit and persona!

07-01-2002, 12:04 PM
Looking at my files from this year and year's past, I would have to say that for some reason, this airplane is quite possibly the single most difficult Unlimited to to get a good shot of in the air..

I freely admit to using the more than good auto-focus features on my wallet breaking Nikon.. I don't think it likes Tom Dwelle's airplane for some reason (red??)

Or could it be the emissions that eminate from the "secret" stuff they put in the reactor on this beast!?!? :cool:

Once in a while, we do manage to frame him well, hold steady as he blows by and not shake the camera with our excited finger as we pull the trigger!

Tom Dwelle's Critical Mass on the Backcourse at Stead PRS 2002!

07-01-2002, 12:06 PM
Absolutely fantastic weather but not a good idea to put off the application of sun screen... which my totally toasted nose is evidence of! (no photos will be shown of this damaged object out of consideration of public decency! ):(

07-01-2002, 12:09 PM
I really don't know what else to call this but it is one of my favorite things to see at Reno or wherever a group of big tail draggers are taxiing out.

I am so fond of this view, my cohorts can bear witness that I even captured possibly the only shots ever taken of two Quail doing the "S-turn Dance" on a taxiiway at Stead this year...

(I had not known that Quail were taildraggers until that moment)

07-01-2002, 12:12 PM
the more time we spend putting "stuff" up on the board.. which is very easy for us to do, but harder for you to view due to the way the auto generated pages are pulled from the message board database.. the less time we have to preparing the archival gallery presentations that will be the final product of our visit to this year's PRS..

So.. like I'm always saying.. "Stay Tuned" there is much more coming.. in fact, we'll have a fairly steady stream of "warbird stuff" from now till... well.. we run out of steam.. likely sometime after Reno ..

Bye for now!