View Full Version : Now I Know I'm Having Too Much Fun

03-21-2002, 06:08 PM
I've got a project that requires me to dig through all my photos from "whenever" much of my stuff never gets published for a number of reasons, mainly because I never get round to it. In the past, I kept it under wraps because I simply did not have the equipment to get a *really* good shot.. Well my the rig that I hocked the farm for just does such a good job on some things that as I run across stuff as I'm looking, to relieve the pressure.. what ta heck.. I'm gonna put some up and see how big this database thing can grow :eek:

Here's two guys that you always need to keep an eye on and one of them just might have some new "secret $hit" up his sleeve this year.. Which one?? No poll.. you just guess :confused: