View Full Version : Okay, so I sorta lied ?????

Air Race Addict
10-01-2004, 06:22 PM
:dunno: I do sort of have a digital camera. It's a JVC VHSC camera with a memory stick for true digital stills. Only problem is, in the "fine" mode, the pictures come in a 640x480 resolution. Probably a compromise to mix the two. Still stuck in the 80's with a VHS I guess. Anyhooo, I did have the trusty Pentax and Cannon SLR's with me and as soon as they become available, those pics will be posted on the airraceaddict website. But, in the age of instant gratification :rolleyes: , I can at least show you what I got in a 440x330 view that seems to make them look better than they are. Anyways, enjoy this Saturday morning Dawn Patrol with me and FedX Bob.
Bill (aka:Air race Addict)