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09-21-2004, 03:45 PM
Did any body see or hear about the L-39 flight formation flight on Wednesday night??? They were on their form up flight when the Red Bull Air race planes blew thru the L-39 flight on a crossing trajectory. The planes were dodging each other while the pilots were strenously voicing concerns.....There was some very serious talk by Race Control concerning the Red Bull team, and thru out the week there were "issues" we kept hearing on the radio concerning the REd Bull Team......

Then after that there was what really sounded like Chaos on the Race Control Fequency, and inbound Military flights were stacking up ready to land....Finally the FAA put somebody in the Control Tower and that guy really knew what he was doing....He had resolved the chaos and was handling traffic on two or three freqs, and handling ground control....a real professional.....

And then, did anybody check out the little Formula plane that was "Endagering the lives of others"......It was thursday, maybe wednesday, I think, when after 5 PM, a Formula team, without radios, flight plans or anything....launched a formual plane on 26 and then flew all around the area while the Tower was directing planes away from this guy. The guy in the Tower told the ground crew that "Your Pilot is going to really pay for this" and told them that their pilot was "endagering the lives of others..." Wow was the Tower pissed....


09-26-2004, 04:10 PM
The only "interesting" radio traffic re: the Red Bull races came on Thursday; the truck drivers bringing the inflatable pylons & support people weren't always acknowledging race control/air boss transmissions, weren't paying enough attention to the radio after asking to cross the runway to go when they were told to, etc. It was obvious that race control wasn't happy, but they stayed professional.

On another topic, I wonder how much money Red Bull spent at Reno; renting three Jumbotron trucks, a helicopter with video camera, the inflatable pylons, etc. And if I understood an overheard conversation in the Chairmans club tent correctly, Red Bull even paid RARA $25000 to be at the races.

09-26-2004, 04:21 PM
Good for RARA! Hoping them the best. Reno live on forever.
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