View Full Version : Congratulations to the teams

09-20-2004, 09:23 AM
It would be easy to be disappointed this year- we still didn't get a "real" showdown between Dago and the Bear. But OTOH, they all finished with the pistons on the inside of the cylinders :-)

Congratulations to the Bear and crew for a great comeback from a long dark slump.

Congratulations to the Sanders for getting the biggest, coolest Sea Fury back on the course and doing what she does best- separating the contenders from the rest :-) For me, having Dreadnought back in good form was THE highlight of this year's races.

Congratulations to the Czech Mate crew for actually managing to finish ahead of Dreadnought. Not an accomplishment to be overlooked!

Congratulations to Mike Brown on a very strong finish this year. Great things are still to come from that team.

And congratulations to all the pilots for not only flying, but racing in soup. Here's to better weather on Sunday next year!