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09-19-2004, 12:48 PM
Hi Folks,
It's Sunday evening already here in England - dark outside and I'm sat here checkin' for latest results whilst drinking a cup of tea.

Guess the Bronze final will have not long finished over there, Silver and Gold yet to happen - and I'll have to be hittin' the sack soon to get up fer work in the morning.

No media here seems to follow the NCAR, so trackin' what's happening online is about the only hook-in. So... Big Thanks to all the good folks putting the info up for those who can't be there on the ground :thumbsup: .

An observation though, if I may....
As the race days pass (Thursday through Sunday) the time-lag before results get posted seems to increase :( (Or maybe it's just me gettin' more twitchy as the finals draw nearer) Still - keep up the good work folks - guess there's plenty of partying and/or wrenching to do there as well :D
Go to it!!

Just found the Saturday race update on the September Pops website (and the RARA site has the 3A,B,C heat results posted now too)...
September Fury second in the last (Saturday's) Gold heat race... Woohooo! Go Mike!!!

It'd be great to see a Sea Fury win the Gold this year. :thumbsup:

(And - :1zhelp: - if anyone can get results of the Unlimited Finals - official or unofficial - posted in time for breakfast tomorrow (so, like, Sunday midnight-ish over at Stead) that'd be sublime.)

'til later...

09-19-2004, 06:02 PM
You have probably seen that Rare Bear was awarded the win after a pylon cut penalty was assessed against Dago Red. Behind them, was Sept. Fury (distant third) and then Czech Mate just passed Dreadnaught for 4th and 5th. Great Race.
Miss America won the Silver, closely followed by a furious battle between Riff Raff and Spirit of Texas for 2nd and 3rd (I think Riff Raff won that battle).
It's hard to post results when you don't have access to the official results yourself; I always have to wait for Monday's newspaper (to be sure).
I AM SURE, however, that I'll be toasting the Rare Bear Team tonight.

09-20-2004, 12:14 AM
Many thanks FlyKidChris - your post is the first sighting of Sunday results I've seen. Much appreciated :thumbsup:

Well done Rare Bear! Getting the gold after making metal earlier in the week is a heck of an achievement.

Well done, too, to all the competitors wherever they placed. Each and every one of them and their support teams, together, make it the unique and great event that it is. Hats off to them all!

Nice work September Fury and Dreadnought - Hawkers in third and fifth :) .
And Czech Mate, too. Well heck!, as I just said - nice work everyone! At the end of the day it would seem churlish to be partisan!! They're all great!!

Maybe next year a Sea Fury for Gold... I'll be rootin' for them.

Thanks again Chris.

Best Wishes,