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06-17-2002, 07:49 AM
Well Aerospace America 2002 in Oklahoma City is a done deal and the turn out was good.

The Blue Angels put on a monster show (as always), but we had a report that Fat Albert shucked an engine and it only flew Friday. I did see it take off Sunday night to go home so I am sure the crack group of mechanics and technicians got the C-130 ready in time to go home. Other military displays came from Tinker AFB in the form of a Navy E-3 and Airforce AWACS. The Arkansas Air Guard brought out their F-16's and put on a great show.

We were blessed with Sean Tucker in the Oracle Challenger, Brent Hisey's Miss America team (P-51 and Yak-3), the Tuskeegee Airmen "C" model P-51, two P-40's, the TWA (Kansas City) Constellation, and the worlds only flying Shackelton bomber...just to name a few. The guys from the Shackleton bomber were very gracious and took the time to explain the contra-rotating propeller units to anyone who asked. Of course, I asked!

We had B-25's, C-47's, O-1's, T-6's, T-28's, an FM-2, a T-33, a Mig 17...and a whole lot more!

It rained Saturday night after the show which made for a muddy Sunday, but the weather for the show was amazing, the turnout was great, and the people generally had a good time.

As for me, I drove the handicap shuttle all weekend and was busier than a greased cat on a marble floor.

Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this a great event. One that needed to come back to Will Rogers World Airport.

06-20-2002, 07:17 AM
I was driving a golf cart...but no...I did not take any.