View Full Version : Online Air Racing in FS2004

Gary Osif
07-21-2004, 01:02 PM
I know, this forum is for XAR afficianados but, I wanted all of you to know about PROPS Racing for MSFS2004.

If you want the thrill of wingtip to wingtip action, 50' off the deck at over 450mph, come see what PROPS has to offer.

Sign up(FREE)at www.westcoastatc.com to access all PROPS pages and drop me an email to register your name, callsign, etc. I guarantee, you will find no better pylon racing for MSFS2004. WestCoastATC hosts online ATC events and also a 24/7 Free Server for FS2002 and FS2004.

PROPS has been growing and improving for just over a year. Our events are held on hi-speed fiber optic servers second to none(....well, maybe NASA!).

A new points series is about to begin so, get all the files from PROPS Downloads pages, get registered by email with me and come out for the action, fun and camaraderie!

Go Fast, Fly Low & Turn Left!!!

Gary Osif
PROPS Race Director