View Full Version : Central CA, SLO "Airport Day"

W J Pearce
05-15-2002, 02:55 PM
The Collings Foundation's B-17 and B-24 will arrive at the San Luis Obispo Airport Friday and depart on Sunday. Saturday at the airport is "Airport Day" (catchy eh?). Along with the foundations's a/c there will be static diaplays of homebuilt, ex-military and vintage aircraft. Best of all, I think it is FREE! The link below is to SLO Airport Day. There is a link on that page to the foundation's page so you can check the schedule and see when they'll be near you. Go check em' out. If I can manage to find a free second, I'll be at the airport.

SLO Airport Day (http://www.sloairport.com/airportday.htm)