View Full Version : de Havilland Mosquito as an Unlimited

09-08-2016, 01:47 PM
Hi all,
There have been a couple of "Wooden Wonders" racers but they were entered in distance events. As we get closer to Reno I've been turning my mind to a building a "What If?" model of an Unlimited Mossie pylon racer.

I'm not looking for aerodynamic data (I have some wartime Air Ministry reports downloaded to help with selecting a variant) but would there be much point/advantage to clipping the wings? In addition to weight reduction and engine enhancement clipping those pretty wings strikes me as a necessary evil.

Also, would a four-blade prop give any speed benefit? Or is such a change more for coping with torque?

The "Go Fast" is underway, the "Fly Low" isn't an issue, I just want to refine the "Turn Left" part! Any ideas greatly welcomed!

EDIT: turns out the prototype, E0234/W4050, has clipped wings...I may be onto something.