View Full Version : For Sale - complete set of Racing Planes and Air Racers

W J Pearce
04-07-2016, 05:42 PM
Anyone want an excellent reference on air racing from 1909 to 1977? I have a complete set of Racing Planes and Air Racers by Reed Kinert (and Dusty Carter).
Vols 1-4 (1909-1967) are bound with no dust jacket
Vols 5-8 (1968-1971) are bound with no dust jacket
The remaining vols 9-13 (1973-1978) are individual

In case you are wondering where 1972 is, the individual volumes cover the previous year's races. So, the 1973 volume covers the 1972 races. All books are in good condition. Some have minor wear, some have faded spines, but none are damaged. See pictures

The books have SOLD. I do not want to break up the set. I will accept paypal or personal check. If paying by check, I will not ship until it clears.

But Bill, why are you selling these if they are so awesome? Well, ahem, I have two sets and decided I only need one. Long story short, I had a box of books that I thought I lost. I replaced the books from the “lost” box. Recently, I found the missing box and now I have some duplicates.


W J Pearce
04-10-2016, 04:34 PM