View Full Version : What's the news in T-6 and IF1???

09-19-2015, 02:57 PM
So Buehn beats out Nick in a photo finish? Were they neck and neck the whole race?

So Greg McNeely goes faster in the Silver Heat than his Dad in the Gold heat? The T-6 Gold pairings look wonky -- why are Greg McNeely and Chris Rushing not in the Gold? Their speed should have put them in the middle of the Gold field -- they were much faster than some of the Racers listed in the present Gold pairings. I was looking forward to seeing a father-son battle between the McNeelys...

So Steve Senegal is DQed for low flying in Heat 3A?? Doesn't sound like Steve. I assume that Senegal finished in first place? Anybody have an unofficial speed?

With the DQ and Vito taking the win today, Does Senegal still run in the Gold tomorrow? It would seem wrong for Steve to take the Silver at 250 mph and someone else to win Gold at 235 or 240. Can Elliot take on Vito? They ran pretty close today.

I was pleased to see Thom Richard run better today. I wish him luck...

We need news...


09-19-2015, 11:46 PM

We need news...

NealWell, the donation box to help make that happen is always open.

The fact that there is no live news feed this year is ALL about $$. For years, myself and others just about killed ourselves getting as up to the moment news as is possible... Hangartalk developed a group of ace reporters who did better than I could have ever accomplished trying to hire interns from UNRENO's journalist classes..

Over the past few years, we've had LASTV.. The really active smart phone reporters have maybe slacked off a bit due to live feed.. I suspect we'll see a lot of active thumb typing tomorrow.

I've got to go out and shoot IF1/BiPlane early tomorrow, then I'm going to be in the pits for the rest of the day.. just learned how to voice post to the forum with my phone.. we'll see if I can get anything up early/as it happens tomorrow.