View Full Version : Dago Red wins Gold in 2003!

09-14-2003, 04:37 PM
Dago Red took the lead right off the start with Rare Bear close behind, followed by Critical Mass.

Voodoo called a mayday in the second lap and we do not know the reason at this writing.

Dago Red's first two laps were unofficially clocked at 507-mph.

The average speed for the Unlimited Final Gold Race was 488.13-mph.

In the last lap, Dago Red had a 4 second lead on the Rare Bear.

Critical Mass did a great job holding third position.
Czechmate kept up with the big boys and ran really well.
Furias had a light trail of smoke but sounded and ran great.

Congradulations to Dago Red!!
Welcome back Bear!!