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09-14-2003, 12:44 AM
Zero time for updates tonight after another night of "partying" at Stead "after-hours"..

I'll just add to what Griffon Girl has already posted... and again, thank this hard working race fan for her timely updates!

A bit of speculation and opinion here.. Notably, two races hold great suspense for Sunday.... One, the T-6 divison has probably never held such potential for a suspenseful finish.. With Nick Macy chomping at the bit for another win, Tom Campau right there with him and Mary Dilda repaired and ready for a run at both of these hard chargers.. Only a visit to Stead for the races will let you in on what happens, as it happens!

On to the Unlimited division Gold race... Is what the Dago crew is saying about their "low" power settings versus incredible speeds true?

Will the absolutely dilligent attention by the Rare Bear crew bring this airplane's long awaited return to competition to a win for this year?

*Another* very long overnighter (Fri-Sat) saw two of the not-so-well repaired (by Aircraft Cylinder & Turbine) cylinders replaced by the VERY tired crew.. Compression checks are holding well for ALL of the new and the rest of the 18 "jugs" on this bird..

Can they do it?

Will Skip run off with it?

Come to Stead on Sunday and find out!

Some pix from today will fill out this "very" brief ..... brief from today. We're scheduled for a 0530 hrs wakup and run out to Stead for a very long day of shooting.. check back for more!

Gary Hubler heads out for Saturday's Gold heat race


Dago Red blisters the course during Saturday's Gold heat race.


Tom Dwelle in Critical Mass during Saturday's Gold heat race.


Sherman Smoot in Czech Mate, further along than this airplane has been in many, many years! Going for Gold come Sunday!


Rare Bear... can this hard working crew and very able pilot pull it off on Sunday??


Looking and sounding better than ever, FURIAS!


One of two of the "smallest" crew members in Air Racing!


Can you imagine where these two guys might wind up some day? This is the history of this sport, growing, right before our eyes! These two guys grabbed rags, and bottles of Formula 409 (can ya smell SPONSOR here?) and went at it with a vengence after Saturday's Gold heat race!


Bill Hickle checks over Rare Bear's massive 3350 cubic engine after Saturday's heat race at the 2003 National Championship Air Races


There is a very special family here, racing at Reno this year.. The entire team of Rare Bear Air Racing are, indeed, an Air Racing family!

John Penney and his daughter, Heather, relax in the "Bear Cave" after the Saturday heat race... A very special man, a very special daughter!


More coming, as soon as we can process the info and images.. Watch the site over the next weeks.. LOTS more images and a recap of the week's events!

Wayne Sagar