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09-13-2003, 07:46 PM
*All official times and speeds are provided by RARA

Unfortunately, the Unlimited Race results are rather limited since they were not posted as of this writing (7:30 pm).

Here is what I do have:

Heat 3B Silver:
1. Race #5 Voodoo 442.483
2. Race #99 Riff Raff 425.584
3. Race #13 Fury 422.645
4. Race #911 September Pops 416.248
5. Race #117 Bad Attitude 400.548
6. Race #14 Bearcat 388.548
7. Race #11 Miss America DNF Lap4
8. Race #6 Flying Dutchman DNS

Since Jackson won the Silver, speculation is that
he will bump up to the Gold Class to race tomorrow.

Heat 3C Bronze:
1. Race #104 Joe Tobul Special 377.025
2. Race #50 Miracle Maker 369.047
3. Race #22 Merlins Magic 368.409
4. Race #9 Cloud Dancer 345.935
5. Race #81 Lady Jo 313.961
6. Race #31 Speedball Alice 314.178
7. Race #44 Spanky 309.664
8. Race #38 Precious Metal 283.457

Miracle Maker cut the start Pylon on Lap 1, +12 seconds penalty
Speedball Alice, Spanky, and Precious Metal speeds were calculated on 5 laps completed.

I guess I will just have to make a new post for Saturday's Heat 3A race since it is not available at the moment.

I can tell you how they crossed the finish line today:
1. Dago Red
2. Rare Bear
3. Critical Mass
4. Furias
5. Czechmate

Dreadnought didn't race - rumor has it that they are making metal but I could not verify that at this writing.

After yesterday's race Rare Bear blew two Cylinders and the crew replaced them overnight. They fired it up this afternoon and did some checks to get it race ready for today's final race. The Bear ran smooth and it was obvious that they didn't try to push the Bear too hard...but watch out for tomorrow! It should be a great final race on Sunday!