View Full Version : Dago Red does 500+ lap and race!

09-12-2003, 07:10 PM
In the final race of the day, Heat 2A, Skip Holm in Dago Red Race #4 not only reaches the goal of the 500-mph lap but he does a 507.105 race speed!

Out on the pylons we clocked him unofficially at a speed of 511.528 on the second lap with a time of 59.86 around the course! Now that is CRUISIN'!!

Congradulations to the Dago Red team for a job very well done!!

Here are the rest of the results for Heat 2A:
1. Race #4 Dago Red 507.105
2. Race#77 Rare Bear 492.936
3. Race#10 Critical Mass 456.796
4. Race#15 Furias 444.241
5. Race#8 Dreadnought 443.958
6. Race#86 Czechmate 421.171

Note: Both Dreadnought and Czechmate cut Pylon2 and received a +12 second penalty.