View Full Version : AT-6 Heat 1A

09-12-2003, 01:42 PM
Wow! This morning's Heat 1A had some really great racing! The race started with Mary Dilda in Race #22 Two of Hearts had the pole postition, then Tom Campau in Race #21 Mystical Power, Nick Macy in Race #6 Six Cat, Al Goss in Race #75 Warlock, Jim Good in Race #77 Wildcatter, and Gene McNeely in Race #90.

In the second lap, Macy in Race #6, made a sweeping pass on the backend of the field and zipped past Campau in Race #21.

In the third lap, McNeely pulled out of the race because his caburator went out. He landed safely.

In the fourth lap, Macy had his sights on Dilda and was closing in.

On the backside of the fifth lap, Macy made his move while Mary held her own and put up a pretty good fight for first!

Rumor has it that Mary used up her nitrous in the first two laps and Nick used his in the last two, meanwhile, Tom flew a very smooth, low line around the course.

Great racin' guys and gal!