View Full Version : Thursday's Unlimited News

09-11-2003, 09:53 PM
After talking to my new friend Dirty Harry, here at Reno, I have been considering writing a column here called NaomiNews...Live from Reno! What do ya think?

Well, back to reality, here are some interesting tidbits from today's action:

Mike Brown's Race #1 Big Bossman - Grumman F7F Tiger Cat is definitely out of the race...hearsay is that he's making metal in the left engine...bummer....he qualified with a speed of 365.705 and the Tiger Cat is a very cool airplane!

Voodoo, Race #5 started Heat 1A Silver but landed soon after take off due to a problem with the spraybar. This is not considered a serious problem and a fairly easy fix, so we expect to see Voodoo back on the field tomorrow!

Critical Mass, Race #10 ran away with the win in Heat 1A Silver.
There was some great racing for second and third place with Riff Raff, Race #99 (second) and Spirit of Texas Race #105 (third), followed by Pardue's Fury Race #13 and September Pops Race #911.

In Heat 1B Bronze, Rheinschild's Bad Attitude Race #117 took first, followed by Pardue's Bearcat Race 14, Precious Metal Race #38, Cloud Dancer Race #9, Merlins Magic Race #5.

Here again was some great racing action between Buccarelli's Race #38 Precious Metal and Leeward's Race #9 Cloud Dancer - these guys battled back and forth for third and fourth place for three laps until Buccarelli put it in gear and kept on going, in the last lap.

Race #11 Miss America did not finish due to a gear door problem. As of this writing, the Miss A team is doing some body and fender work to get the linkage working before tomorrow's racing action!

After the race, we found out that Race #38 Precious Metal, is having issues with an accesory drive gear in the nose case. I don't know if this "issue" is going to keep her from racing tomorrow or not but I will let you know as soon as I find out!