View Full Version : Two Yaks Mayday!

09-11-2003, 10:24 AM
In an odd coincidence during the yesterday afternoon practice runs and qualifying attempts, two Yaks - Joe Tobul Special Race#104 with Sean Carrol and Anya Race #42 with Dave Morss called for a Mayday within minutes of each other.

Maday Morss apparently lost all the cooling in the plane but landed safely then Carrol apparently blew an oil line. Carrol had a little more trouble bringing the plane down since the entire front end of the plane was covered with the thick stuff and really diminished his view.

Fortunately, Carrol landed safely and the crews are working feverishly to get both planes back to race ready.

Race #104 qualified earlier in the week with a speed of 353.204 and Race #42 qualified with a speed of 352.204.