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09-13-2012, 12:06 AM
Hope everyone had a good day either watching the Livestream or the lucky ones who are already at the races. Sorry this is a bit late, but i know you guys liked the monday summary so i decided to do this one. Incredibly sorry about not doing one yesterday, in fact i wasn't on aafo at all since Furias had its incident. I immediately went into a state of depression which i will explain near the end... Now onto the summary!!!

Formula 1: In the first F1 heat (1B), it was an utter blowout by Jay Jones in Quadnickel. His speed was 225 and some change compared to the second place N-A-Rush at a speed of 203. In the second heat (1A), Steve Senegal placed an easy first in Endeavor at a new record of 260mph! Congratulations to him and the Endeavor team! Second place went to Scarlet Screamer, and third to Madness as qualifying suggested. The next set of heats will be about the same with the exception of Quadnickel being bumped up with the big boys.

Biplane: Not much to expand on with the biplanes today. In the first heat (1B), Casey Erickson took the win in his Pitts S-1S, The Batplane. He won the race at a speed of 181mph. In the 1A heat, we all know that Tom Aberle and Phantom destroyed the competition by over 30 seconds, while Tom kept his speed very slow to what is they are capable of. Tomorrow pairings look about the same as today as well.

T-6: T-6 class had one race today, the bronze heat.A good race for first put Rob Sandberg and Honest Entry into the first T-6 win of the year with a speed of 208mph. Second place went to Ralph Rina in Strip Teeze at 208mph as well. Even though the speeds were almost equal, Sandberg's better flying led to beating Rina by a second and a half.

Sport: Only one sport race was held today as well. It was the bronze and showed a mixture of planes from RV's to the Radial Rocket. Rick Vandam in the Glasair II-S took an easy win by about 7 seconds at a speed of 245mph. Second place went to Bob Mills in Rocket Six, and third to Peter Malone in Radial Rocket. Be sure to watch for the first Sport gold heat tomorrow!!!

Jet: Only one jet heat was flown today as well. Being the only race of the day, I watched on Livestream, I saw Lachlan Onslow and Hot Section destroy the L-29/39s in his Iskra! I love to see races where one of the newest planes to the jet class, shows the old timers how its done! Congrats to Lachlan and his team for the win! He ran a speed of 417 with the second best of Joe Ganno in Sluggo, running 30 seconds behind him at 383. Half of the contenders were DQ'd due to low flying mainly on Pylon 8.

Unlimited: Only action for the Bad Boys today was Miss America's second attempt at qualifying where Hisey qualified her at 414mph. This secured a gold start in Friday's heat.

Now onto the worst news of the week so far... Matt Jackson in the beautiful Super Sea Fury Furias. Even though this occurred Tuesday, i thought i would touch upon it for a few minutes. As most of you know, Furias suffered from landing gear trouble before takeoff and in the air. This lead to the right gear collapsing on landing and sending Furias into the dirt. In the midst of things, the left gear collapsed as well and put Furias on her belly. Highly unfixable in a short period of time, Furias is out for the year. This hit me very hard as Furias is my downright favorite plane at Reno- for many reasons that is. First, well look at it.. How could you not like that?!?! But the second and more personal reason is, that I worked for Matt over the summer. Most if not all of you, don't know that I'm only 16 and air racing and aviation and anything to do with airplanes is my utter passion!!! Working for Matt in my eyes, opened up the possibility for me to fly Furias someday if Matt decided to retire etc... (As well as i want to beat Steven Jr.'s record as the youngest yadda yadda yadda to ever race/win at Reno). So seeing Furias my possible future plane (who knows maybe it will never happen anyway) sitting in the dirt destroyed just killed me. It will definitely not be he same without Matt and Furias this year and i wish them all the best luck to get her ready for next year. Phew, finally I'm done with this post hahahaha. Sorry about the sob sort fellas, but LETS GET BACK TO SOME RACING!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

09-13-2012, 07:31 AM
Dude, you are a baller!

Thanks for the updates. I can't be there this year but it sure is great to see a young fan with so much passion.

Keep up the good work on the updates.

Cheers, PC :thumbsup:

09-13-2012, 09:09 AM
Very cool post. Thanks.

09-13-2012, 09:33 AM
Great update and much appreciated. :beerchug: I'll buy you a beer when you'r old enough.:D Keep em coming.
Mike B.

09-13-2012, 09:55 AM
Great report! Thanks for taking the time to type it up for those of us not able to be there.

Minor correction, Casey Erickson is a woman. Great acro and race pilot from SoCal (Redlands) - also a great contest director for IAC events.

Keep it up and don't sweat over Furias, these things happen and it will be back.