View Full Version : On my way to Reno

09-09-2003, 10:47 PM
My plane leaves at 9:40AM central on the 10th. I hope everyone has a safe trip.

My intent was to post a pic of myself. I found this one my dad took. notice the man in the straw-flipped up hat off my right shoulder. I was that close to meeting a helluva man. I hope no one gets bent out of shape over this pic. It just took me by storm five minutes ago. I'm the one with the beer.

Good luck to all the racers and air show participants. We all pray no one gets hurt this year.

I just took a closer look and see that Jim Wright could be the one standing by the fuselage on the Racer. I dunno. I just know I want to see fast and safe racing.

Go Bear, Clay